Rear drag racing shocks. Strange Aluminum Coil-Over Shock Single Adjustable with 3. Chevy Rear End W Springs Shocks Gasser Drag Race Hot Rod 125 Mm Lbr Model Parts Constructed of steel with heavy duty 5/8 shaft ensures durability in the most stressful conditions, the 9-Way Adjustable dial is located outside the body for easy access to adjust rebound and to control rear body separation. When viewed from the bottom, turn the adjuster clockwise to firm up the strut, counterclockwise to soften compression. I’m trying to keep the car original, staying away from 4 link suspension. If they're parallel, there shouldn't be rear-steer with fore/aft compliance. Watch your ET's and your times start to get slower back off the rebound adjustment by 1/4 turn and the bump adjustments by 2 clicks. Product Line. Max Length = 15. Universals made from HD Tool Steel for maximum durability and strength to deal with the high . Landan here with LMR. Application. Customize your suspension to create the perfect ride in your car or truck to maximize performance and handling. Shop for high quality drag racing suspension kits online at JEGS High Performance. Front shocks let you choose from 10/90, 20/80 or 40/60 while rear shocks can be set at 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50. 13in stroke shock. 97 The grand total would be about $870. The rear SPA1 KONl will “blow off’ then, and allow proper “unwinding” of the rear suspension. Find Parts and Accessories rear drag shocks KEYWORD and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! . Calvert Racing Cr22142 - I have the G Force rear end on order. Order today . Again, this is the new media center/library. DEALS. Adjustable shocks in drag racing helps with weight transfer to the rear tires. Great for any hot rod, pro-street, street rod or drag car. REAR SHOCK DRAG RACE : REAR SHOCK DRAG RACE : REAR COIL OVER SHOCK REPL. Grid view List view. Rumor on the street is that in back to back testing the performance difference between the 4 link and 3 link is almost un measurable. ADJUSTMENT CHART - SHOCK RATIO SETTING FRONT SHOCKS REAR SHOCKS R 60/40 50/50 F 80/20 40/60 XF 90/10 . All we had to do now was work on consistency. Because the rear suspension allows for essentially no body roll at all, drag cars tend to launch nice and flat. Home . Re: 59 impala rear suspension for drag racing. Red. $98. Weld-In Coil-Over Systems. John. Uncle festa and Mumbo are a couple that spring to mind,as Im guessing this is for a dragrace application. 50s with the 383. E-Store. Free shipping. The complete Lingenfelter Camaro Drag Race Suspension Kit (part # L500161410) retails for $6,750 and features the major components used on the LPE LS9 Camaro: * Custom Lingenfelter by Pedders double adjustable drag racing shocks. $353. Drag Shock - Rear - 70/30; Larger Image. *A coilover shock should be installed so that at ride height the shock is installed 2/3 collapsed. Fully depress shock. Dec 26, 2006. 630. Select options. Fast, easy way to get maximum weight transfer to the rear wheels. Viking warrior and premium crusader shocks set the standard. Have the person video taping the car stand behind and to the side of the car. All Links are Powder Coated Black. 93 was about 75 degrees F. Most people do not know this, and it can create frustration you don't even understand youre dealing with. 75in. Vortex Sprocket Silver Aluminum Rear 110. 0" 12mm Hex Rear Wheel . I am thinking I will install the front shocks only, to avoid this problem. The question we are contending with currently is how to setup the rear suspension. At 60 mph there is a vibration at light cruise/decel. 95 : 24-024075 93-02 Bilstein Heavy Duty Shock (Rear) $94. Europe. Drag Racing Specialist (909) 985-1901. They are also available for the narrow Arctic Firecat Chassis. 61 : $79. For drag racing, you can adjust your shocks to give you better launches. Lakewood Rear Drag Shock Absorbers loads the rear wheels to prevent over-reaction and wheel hop. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 20, 2018. Schnitz ECU Reflashing. Shop. i drive the car on the street a lot but also do a lot of drag racing. Bilstein front shocks – Sport valve (1965-1966) Mustang $ 298. Mustang coil-over kit. In this case, that equates to a 10. This might be an area pushed aside by the casual gt5'r but when it comes to drag racing every little thing helps or hurts you in a straight line. Ships from and sold by Amazon. A softer rebound allows the front to lift easier, which helps tremendously with weight transfer to the rear tires. Koni Adjustable REAR Shock Absorber, IRS Beetle, Super Beetle, THING, and Type 3, EACH, 80-2149 are a fully adjustable oil shock, so you can set the damping for your car and your ride preference! These are the finest shocks available for your street or race car! Ron Lummus Racing (RLR) VW BEETLE Drag Wing Kit (Rear Spoiler; Re-designed in 2016) TASS Shock Series - GM Mid-Size/Metric Chassis & 70-81 Camaro/Firebird Front. Pro tip: Use preload in the rear shocks to get the car to run straight on power. Shock Shims. 95 RH004 - Control Arm Hardware Kit, Rear Upper and Lower - $38. Setting a softer compression in the rear will help keep the car planted under heavy acceleration, giving . Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. Drag rail chassis 3 hours ago · Progressive Suspension 412 Series, 12in. Above right: Because CalTrac bars allow for the setting of pre-load adjustments, we also picked up a pair of The LTW Drag Suspension is designed for grass and ice. Drag rail chassis 8 hours ago · Hellcat 6. 5" fronts over OEM brakes and a 28" tall tire so the front/rear are the same size and the weaponX spec 15" rear on the MT X275 DR which is tucked properly so you can max the camber for top of the wheel out in true drag racing form. Lakewood combined their experience and the latest technology in drag racing to develop shocks and struts that are superior to all other drag shocks and struts available. For slick tracks, set to the 50/50 adjustment; on good tracks, set to the 70/30 for better weight transfer. Related Items: Drag Pak Slash Rear Shock Tower Mount ECO Series 5x8x2. The “D” rear tower replaces the standard AE or SCT tower and brings the rear suspension into a more racy stance utilizing a stand-up shock mounting geometry for a harder . JOES CANISTER MOUNT. 0. 3 hours ago · Progressive Suspension 412 Series, 12in. Double Adjustable Rear Shock Mopar – Multiple Applications. Drag shocks, 90-10 shocks, 70-30 shocks . What affect would a too negative pinion angle have related to drag racing? 2. Advertisement. Watts Link/Panhard Bar. Find a Dealer; Dealer Login; . to ¼-mile numbers by multiplying by 1. See Emissions Details. Öhlins . and dyno tested at the company's shop in Kissammee, FL, This suspension is very popular in drag racing but sees little use anywhere else. $77. 5) Some racers mount their rear shocks in stock locations, some behind the axle, some at angles. Choose Options. BFG Drag Radials 8. Drag Racing Shocks in-stock with same-day shipping. 99 : 3870R Aluminum Rear Suspension Arms For Traxxas Drag Slash Description:Aluminum suspension parts upgrade for Traxxas's Drag Slash! Improving on power delivery by reinforcing suspension rigidity, which also prevents suspension flex under immense power. 2,464 Posts. Drag rail chassis 3 hours ago · Find information about Jerry Bickel online. The Pedders Suspension 90/10 Shock Absorbers are designed to help transfer weight from the front of the car to the rear. An IRS rear suspension is unique in drag racing. Shock Rebuild Kits. Most organized drag racing is done with 2-cell (“2s”) LiPo batteries, and Traxxas offers three different 2s Power Cell iD LiPo batteries for the Drag Slash. We carry a variety of drag racing suspensions, individual components and kits to accommodate your project from start to finish. Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles, and Racing Use Only Vehicles because it does not affect vehicle emissions and is not covered by emissions regulations. 43 with stock springs, Steeda uppers with poly bushings, baseline adjustable lowers with solid bushings, baseline ARB. 400. Tires. #1. youtube. front anti lift straps. From infinitely adjustable 4-link brackets to heavy duty 4-link bars, anti-roll bars, sway bars, wishbone and housing locator kits all the way to Penske Constructed of steel with heavy duty 5/8 shaft ensures durability in the most stressful conditions, the 9-Way Adjustable dial is located outside the body for easy access to adjust rebound and to control rear body separation. As Kevin said, stock springs are actually pretty good for drag racing. We pour Higher Technology into every component we offer. 979. Our Price: $156. . But the same inconsistent 60 ft ranging from 1. I’m running e85, have all the BMR Suspension goodies, drag springs along with viking crusaders in the rear. Jason Hart 64 Chevelle 3300 lbs . DOTracer. If you’re looking for housing and axle packages or the popular 8. They deliver great dampening ability for the best possible ride. 95 $201. Starfish Mambos (WIDE), beadlock - Slash | Bandit, DR10 Street Eliminator 2. 1964-1967; 1968-1972; B-Body. t. Scroll to continue reading. Re: rear suspension drag racing « Reply #2 on: November 16, 2009, 06:34:32 PM » That one surprisws me, i figured weakening the springs would help drop the ass end for some weight transfer when i launch. 0/10. 99 . The "Drag race only" warning on the shocks has to do with the valving of the shock, i. Aluminum Body Coil-Over Shocks & Coil-Over Springs. Rear Suspension Series Covers Rear End Alignment, Pinion Angle, Pre-Load, Anti-Roll Bar, Ride Height, Basic 4-Link Settings. My best pass is 9. 78 Camino SS, new built 357, built 700r4, 3. All suspension and other products are made in the U. Rear Suspension; Rod-Ends/Tube Adapters; Steering; Braking; Drivetrain; Forms/Tech; Dealers. If double adjustable KONI's are used, adjust the bump damping in three click increments to control the amount and the rate at which your front end settles during gear change. the car is currently a high 11 second car but future plans to run much faster. All three tuning categories have the common goal of controlled weight transfer, but have greatly differing vehicle-dynamic requirements. 5” ExtendedAbout 15” CompressedFits:· 1968-1978 CHEVROLET CHEVY II NOVA· 1982 We were interested in learning about the evolution of shock absorber technology as it relates to drag racing’s so-called “small tire classes”. The “after” shows the same car in the same corner with the same driver, but with a torque-arm rear suspension. These criteria are exactly the same for either road applications or the most demanding racing environments. Competition Engineering's three-way adjustable drag strip-only shock absorbers allow you to ''dial in'' your vehicle's dampening forces. 796 @ 113. Double Adjustable Aluminum Shock Rear. What was . Late Model Restoration stocks Mustang KYB Gas-A-Just, AGX and GR-2 shocks and struts for your Mustang. Fully adjustable coil over shocks. Center Min. The Menscer Motorsports double-adjustable aluminum rear shocks with external canister (these are 5-inch stroke shocks, Part #200146, which retail for $1,745 with springs) provides adjustment for both rebound and compression. Shop By Product. Slow-mo Launch #2 - YouTube. 1,885 Posts. Choose items to buy together. Accepts 2. Yes it requires additives unless the gear lube already has it . FREE Chevy Rear End W Springs Shocks Gasser Drag Race Hot Rod 125 Mm Lbr Model Parts VS - Rear Drag Shocks Kit 135 335. 82-02 Camaro; 79-04 Mustang; 05-14 Mustang; Housing Brackets; . You can use their drag shocks as well or go to double adjustables if you're really serious. Penske Racing Shocks is the industry leader in providing high-quality racing shocks for Automotive Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Off Road Vehicles. See all 21 photos Viking recommended the "C" knob to be set to 0-4 clicks and the "R" knob in the range of 6-10 clicks for their rear shock in a drag racing application. Was: Allstar Shock Spacer 1/2 in ID x 3/4 in OD x 1/4 in Thick ALL64280-25 Steel spacers have a 1/2" I. These lightweight suspensions fit any stock or race 116” to 156” rubber track. Each will be discussed in the following text. Find AFCO Racing Eliminator Double-Adjustable Drag Shocks and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! AFCO Racing Eliminator double-adjustable drag shocks provide the ultimate in acceleration control and overall drivability. QA1 Proma Star Coil-Over Shocks (35) AFCO Eliminator Series Drag Racing Shocks (9) AFCO Big Gun Drag Racing Shocks (5) AFCO 68 Series Reactor Drag Racing Shocks (4) Speedway Coilover Suspension Kits (2) Compressed Length Range. Choose a selection. This will mean they will have to stand most likely about 10-12 feet or so behind and to the left of the drivers door. 250" Thick Slippery Rev-6 Clutch Top Disc $ 250. Hoping to hit 9. Koni 8212 Series Pro/Mod Rear Shocks. 13in stroke Drag Race Shock. Designed with dual compression valving, Calvert’s CF Series 90/10 Drag Shocks were engineered for cars with mid-range power for softest rate of rebound on the market to allow for better weight transfer and more weight over your rear tires. The Aluminum ones are obviously lighter, but their advantages go further then Weight Weenie status . We have tested and have run these shocks right out of the box. The Calvert Racing 9 way adjustable CR series rear shocks, Formally known as Rancho. QA1® is an industry-leading manufacturer of shock absorbers, struts, rod ends, spherical bearings and various performance suspension components. 0-15. The billet shock mount utilizes 3/8" grade 8 bolts to mount to the bracket. Thread starter Ls1bozo; Start date Jan 4, 2018; Forums. So the solution are some rear drag shocks. THIS TOWER IS SHORTER THAN THE STOCK TOWER FOR A LOWER BODY FIT. Specially designed Double Adjustable Drag Shock. External Dial For Easy Adjustability. $400. 96. 5mm Bearings (2) Designed for Use with Detroit Speed Mini-Tubs or Stock Tubs. We install All the parts we sell. In a couple years of development we have a valving core and spring setup that makes the this shock work worlds better over your stock unit. TRZ Motorsports is a family owned company located in Kissammee, FL that specializes in high performance drag racing suspension and chassis components for race cars that compete in motorsports. They are made from high quality material that ensures long lasting durability. Flick the swaybar. 3. Product Info Alternate Description The Rear Shocks have an extended height of 20. Jim Jordan, a famous innovator and a man behind many ground-breaking inventions, founded the company in 1993. and can be used in a variety of other locations. moneymakerracing. 9. Bilstein Drag Racing Shocks for the Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird offer: Harder Launches Pedders Rear SportsRyder Shock 2004-2006 GTO. 13. I'm launching with 7200rpm and 0. This item: Lakewood 40301 Drag Shock. Home; Products. D2RacingCoilovers. View More. These suspensions are used on ice and snow applications. Fastest rate of separation over any other shock on the market today. Choose from four styles and three colors of ladders bars, or choose from five styles and three finishes of 4-link. $224. Talk to the experts. 09 RT. Drag rail chassis Another item built to Street Eliminator specifications is the drag racing rear shock tower for the SC6. 1979-2004; 2005-2014; 2015-2019; . Rear long travel arm has 3” travel. Shock Rebuild Tools. 800. 2005-2014 Mustang. Any options can be installed . A Series Non-Adjustable Shock. 0122, 7am-10pm, everyday. 78 Conquista, 350, 350th. The strut has 13 settings (12 clicks). 2. 8: Check Price (Amazon) 2: CODA RACING RC Alloy Front&Rear Shock Tower for Traxxas 1/10 2WD Slash(VXL) Details about CALVERT RACING CR22142 REAR DRAG RACING SHOCKS 9-WAY ADJUSTABLE SUIT CHRYSLER ** CALVERT RACING CR22142 REAR DRAG RACING SHOCKS 9-WAY ADJUSTABLE SUIT CHRYSLER ** Item information. Like-wise a drag car with ladder-bar rear suspension would get lackluster ETs and 60-foot times out of that same performance-handling front . Cut up to 3/10ths of a second off of your Camaro or Firebird's 1/4 mile time just by replacing your shocks with Bilstein drag shocks. Double Adjustable Rear Coil-Over Conversion Shocks. This rear shock tower requires Drag Pak Rear Shock Tower Mount #313. Fits 1958-1990 GM. Drag rail chassis If I was to set my front end up for drag racing I would use Global West tubular control arms with del-a-lum bushings. Wheels. one thing about shocks, the rears are the same shocks used in early mustangs, so save some money and buy the shocks for a mustang. 80. 60 or worse. Add to . $ 127. 95 QA1 single adjustable rear shock - TS801 - $154. 8 hours ago · Hellcat 6. The front does. Precision and winning for over 30 years. Spring and shock selection play a crucial enough role that Zimmerman has worked with S10 Truck Parts for Performance Street & Drag Racing. Item #: MOPP4529514. soft springs (6cyl) and 90-10s in the front. 50. Fits Traxxas 2wd Bandit (same length as Traxxas Bandit 2wd stock rear arms )if using Slash rear Suspension we offer those also in adjustable arms) Made in the USA; Strong Machined Delrin; adjustable up to 4 . RT Drag Suspension. Coil-Over Shocks $ 850. $269. Competition Engineering has a set of shocks that work perfectly for your car! Sold individually. What I would try first, RHR spring harder. KYB. Location: Westminster, MD. traction on rear wheel drive competition dragway vehicles. Put caltrac bars and their split mono leafs on the rear. Manufactured to perform right out of the box. The rear suspension on Sporty models use a traditional twin shock system with pre-load adjustment and little else. Mambos - Drag Racing Rear Tire. Give your suspension a true performance feel with on of these great suspension kits. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for KONI Alum Double Adjustable Rear Drag Racing Shock 8212 1121spa1 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! . This arrangement allows running softer springs rates and shock valving, which improves ride quality without sacrificing handling. TRZ Motorsports DRAG RACE SUSPENSION PRODUCTS. The fact that racers are hooking relatively tiny 275 radials with engines making thousands of horsepower amazes even the most old school racers out there. I had a similar setup to your car,,, Tremec TKO 600, 1350 series driveline and 476 ci engine with maybe 550 hp. Strange Engineering direct replacement adjustable rear shocks for the 2005-2014 Mustang GT and GT500. In the last pass of the night, the Chevelle delivered a 1. Quick view. Had them on my Mustang years ago and they are a dime a dozen thru the race parts suppliers. We are also the only rear end manufacturer who builds the drag racing rear ends for Top Fuel racers. TRZ Apparel & More; A-Body. My setup is a 19 a10 car that’s FBO and a converter. !9 Way Adjustable. Bilstein Drag Racing Shocks - Drop 3/10 of a second off your 1/4 mile times with Bilstein's state of the art drag racing shocks for Mustangs, Firebirds and Camaros. Penske Shocks. Rear Motorcycle Shocks For Road Racing | Penske Racing Shocks. Calvert Racing 3300 CalTrac Leaf Spring Traction Bars 1988-98 Chevy C1500 Pickup. These factory three-link cars include GM 1982 to 2002 Camaros and Firebirds (also referred to Now rear is the same 70/30 = 70%bump force/30% rebound or 50/50 =50%bump and 50% rebound etc etc. MRP. We set the shocks to a . Comes with coil overs and bushings. Ideal for Use with GM 12-Bolt or Ford 9" Axle Housings - Available Separately. It's quite noticeable. The VariShock product line offers an affordable and versatile, high-end performance improvement over OEM replacements and traditional twin-tube shock absorbers. Products [40] . Since we are drag racing and trying to go in a straight line, you want to make the camber as close to 0 as possible. Direct replacement for 2015 S550 Mustang rear shock Designed for drag race applications . Lower Links Offset Inboard for Extra Tire Clearance. Rubber Tires. Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Under most circumstances, rigidly mounting the differential assembly to the chassis in an IRS-equipped car is a good thing since it reduces unsprung weight. The rear suspension of the F-body can use some stiffening, too, and the aftermarket has tubular control arms and a tubular torque arm for you. Ideally you want to capture the left front and rear of the car. Body and Suspension Upgrades to Keep Your Strip Burner on the Track. If you go to the Koni website you will see drag shocks have spa1 as part of the part number. 87 launch. 1968-1976 Chevy Camaro Pontiac Penske Shocks. 1003 BMR Suspension Front and Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit Black for 06-Current Dodge Challenger & Charger 206 Posts. Stock OEM style shocks just don't cut it for getting out of the hole at the track. We are building the worst idea ever used in a drag race -- a FWD drag car. 014 / 99. Another item built to Street Eliminator specifications is the drag racing rear shock tower for the SC6. 97 (x2) Air Lift air bags - 60733 -$102. My goal is to build a 10+ second car for the quarter while keeping it a 340. the passenger spring is way too soft and i really dont like the ride quality. Only show this user. Solid-Axle VS IRS. Viking- 2005-2014 GT/GT500/Boss Double Adjustable Rear Shock (PAIR) $450. SUZUKI GSXR1000 DRAG RACING SHOCK. The Best selection of 4 Link Suspension and Rear Drag Racing Suspensions at Jerry Bickel Race Cars. Add a Vehicle. 8 swap kit, take a look at Trick Chassis. The 8760 Triple Adjustable version completes the set allowing . JRi Drag Shocks feature several variations from the most popular and successful double adjustable to the high-end 4-way adjustable with air assist. The 90/10 type drag shocks are pretty standard in world of Drag Racing. Part # 40310 Be the first to write a review. Learn more about What to Look for in the Best Rear Shocks for Drag Racing. 1/8" NPT (2) 2015 mustang (0) 20mm (1) 20oz Tumbler (1) 3-way adjustable (1) 300 PSI (1) 5 carbo coated (1) 5 hose (1) 7120 (1) 7150 (2) 7300 (5) 7500 (9) 7565 (2) 7600 (1) 7700 (1) 7800 (0) 8300 (9) 8365 (1) 8400 (0) 8700 (7) 8760 . Calvert also supplied all new U-bolts, hardware and bearing grease. For drag racing, especially with a power adder, you need stiffer tubular rear arms to keep the axle from wrapping up. RE: ideas for improving IRS for drag racing. Racing Seats; Rear Suspension-Rear Suspension. Drag Racing Rear Adjustable Tow Arms allows you to run Zero Tow to 4 degrees of tow-in so you can set up for perfect straight runs. Öhlins is the number 1 suspension manufacturer of suspension for motorcycle and cars within aftermarket, OEM and motorsport with over 300 motorsport titles. Product Description. Applications: 1962-67 Chevy II. 72; Pan Saver Mustang 79-04 (Bare Metal) $ 176. 95. 2320. This double adjustable shock is perfect for racing applications, from autocross to drag racing. 5 bar boost off the line and sidestep the clutch. . 3 hours ago · Find information about Jerry Bickel online. back; Stock Mount Bolt In; Bearing Ended; Afco Racing. D2 coilovers all round with 21kg springs. Competition Engineering's Front Drag Shocks are adjustable in three ratios: 90/10, 80/20 and 60/40. 1971-1976; 1977-1996; G-Body. aFe Control PFADT Series Drag Racing Rear Sway Bar 97-13 Chevrolet Corvette (C5/C6) $ aFe Control PFADT Series Engine Mount Set; Chevrolet Corvette (C5/C6) 97-13 Orange $ 395. For additional information on spring rates, please refer to our spring rate chart or contact QA1 at 952-985 More About Shock Absorbers - Drag Racing. Contact Alex Denysenko at MoneyMaker Racing; www. 22; Driveshaft Loop Only - Chrome Moly $ 33. , all have some effect on the weight transfer to the rear tires Car Stands / Shock Stand; Carbon Fiber; Chassis Tape; Decals & Signage; Dirt Racing Products; Glue; . S10 Rear Window Kit S10 1982 - 1993 Clear Lexan $ 160. 30/70, 40/60 and 50/50. Our Price: $590. 5’s, and true 10. $295. Make sure your Fox or SN95 is planted at the track with this upgrade. Hardware & Tools (34) Drag Race Ladder Bars (14) Drag Race 4-link Kits (32) Best Sellers. BMR Suspension TR005H 2015-2020 Mustang Double Adjustable Rear Toe Rods (Black Hammertone) +$219. ive been looking at the Call 310-834-7478 to talk with a suspension expert. 629-second 60-foot time on the way to a 7. Featuring independent rebound and compression adjustments, a lightweight aluminum body and mono tube design, this shock offers affordability without sacrificing performance. Part # 1063850BG AFCO 3850BG Big Gun Rear Twin Tube Coil-Over Shock, 5 Inch Stroke $474. 00”. Front Set Non-Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks. Maybe I should think about putting the stock sway bar back on up front, with poly bushings that are lubed real good with synthetic grease. both cars have slapper bars and decent adjustable rear shocks, on drag radial, and 60ft in the mid 1. Rear Suspension Kits. Viking Performance Shocks are well known to be the best adjustable coil overs and rear adjustable shocks on the market. Subscribe: https://www. Posts: 466. Softening extension allows more downward force on the rear tires. Add to Cart : Add to Cart : Add to Cart; Competition Engineering Chassis & Racing Parts MORC2765 : . CLICK TO ENLARGE. S. Have them fill the screen as much as possible without zooming. Rear shock is a standard oil shock. These shocks allow you to easily control rear body separation through their external dial to keep the tires completely planted on the ground. Adjustable shocks in drag racing help control the wheelie and helps with weight transfer to the rear tires. A live-axle rear end setup has the control arms pushing and pulling on the chassis, causing the rear tires to get planted into the ground as the body separates to help achieve that traction. Vance and Hines Stainless Steel and Titanium Valves. 1 See our selection of Rear Drag Racing Shocks and other new and used auto parts and equipment available and for sale at the lowest prices now On Ebay. This Rear Sway Bar from QA1 is constructed from heavy duty solid-core 1045 cold formed steel. The “before” shows the car with a 4-link set up for drag racing. the rate the shock compresses or extends. Opinions differ on what to do, so test and tune here. Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. Call for pricing and setup options. So what are the ins and outs of tuning your suspension for drag racing. All of these play a role in getting the car to launch harder and straighter with improved traction. Valving is extremely 70 Series Shocks - Camaro Rear 70 Series Shocks - Ford Rear ; 70 Series Shocks - GM Front ; 70 Series Shocks - GM Rear ; 71 Series; 73 Series; 74 Series; 75 Series; 76 Series; 77 Series ; 78 Series; 85 Series; 86 Series; 87 Series; 88 Series; 89 Series; 90 Series; Big Gun; Pro Touring Elite; Reactor Series; Street Fighter ; Crate Series Shocks . 0, & 2. Externally adjustable Mustang shocks from Strange Engineering are designed to fit original-equipment applications, as well as most coil-over kits. The Rules: (as of 02-01-2020) Short course based chassis, 2wd. by jim_ss409 » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:05 am. 5 . Hardware: Select Hardware RH001 - Torque Arm Hardware Kit - $34. I believe this relates to the rear lower control arm bottom mounting position but w/low hp I thought a high Drag Kit Includes: Rear Split Mono Leaf Springs: The Split-Mono leaf spring overlaps 12", extending 6" on each side of the axle tube. Rear Suspension. ppg 4 speed drag gearbox. Front shocks play an essential role in the overall suspension setup. A. Rear Drag Racing Suspension Questions. Shock Travel Street Handling Drag Spring Free Length Street Handling Drag 60/40 50/50 40/60 Max. Polyurethane bushings, chrome plated piston rods, antifoaming hydraulic fluid, and a 10-stage valve design. 39. MSRP: Now: $45. 11. 1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95. Price: $34. Add to Optimize handling and performance with the QA1 Stocker Star rear shock. On an AVO shock, that means setting the adjuster on the rear shock counterclockwise, while CE shocks should use the 50/50 rear valving. e. Adjustable shocks are a drag racer’s best friend but they are also a device that can get gets spun out pretty Easily mount your coil-over shocks with our billet adjustable shock mounts, which offer a wide range of adjustability over a fixed shock mount location. With shock still depressed, rotate indicator clockwise for everal revolutions after “clicks” are s . 2cell Lipo, 8. Free Freight. FREE Only show this user. If the track has teeth, go the other way with rear shock settings. 4-10 Clicks 0-6 Clicks 4-10 Clicks Nice Ride & Handling 0-6 Clicks. 50-50 Rear Drag Shocks by Lakewood Industries. Whether you drive your Mustang daily, take it to the strip or road race, our chassis system is guaranteed to yield significant performance improvements. Discussion Starter · #6 · Jun 27, 2011. 8. In this story, we’ll be taking a look at the installation of a set of Menscer Motorsports shocks to the rear of our . PATS Deletes, Performance Tunes, OEM Ford Programming and Updates, all under $100. Shock/Strut, Monotube, Adjustable, Rear, Buick, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, RWD, Each. With a strong commitment to making premium quality precision products, QA1 ensures superior production Opentracker Racing is challenging the way suspension upgrades have been done in the past by using high quality roller and spherical bearings instead of rubber, polyurethane or bronze for the pivot points in our suspension and steering These two photos show the difference in appearance of a Mustang with two different rear suspension setups. Trying to get the coupe set up to do some drag racing this summer and I think I am pretty well set on the Rancho RS99204 adjustable for the rear. Allstar Performance. Weld Racing 17"/15" kit - 17x4. Ideally a good double adjustable rear shock would be recommended, but a good single adjustable can be made to work as . A 275/60/15 on a set of lightweight aluminum 15x8 wheels in the rear will help. Drag Pak Maxim. The car hit the drag strip during the Spring Break Shootout 2015. You're Only Focusing on Your Rear Shocks. Reviews. 8 . 00 Add to cart; Koni Single Adjustable front Shocks (1964-1970) Mustang $ 280. Calvert Racing CF Series 90/10 Front Drag Race Shocks. 85 Moog Cargo springs - CC507 - $76. Challenger SRT Hellcat. A carefully selected set of Strange Drag Racing Shocks could be just the thing to put you over the top in your drag race class. Schnitz LED Shift Lights. My Account; My Cart 0. Full Fabrication shop At Your Services. We can relate 1/8-mile e. 1. 43 60 ft. 23 posi. Joined Dec 6, 2001. Stiffening compression delays the return to normal ride height. $24. I'm currently working on my 1973 Plymouth Duster 340 and need some advice. Then follow up with QA1 front suspension kit and let the suspension, not lack thereof, do the job. Drag Race Cars and Equipment for Sale; Racepak Data Recorders; . 29. These 7500 Coil-Over Bracket Drag Shocks from Penske are high quality, American-made, and can be used in many applications. com feature the best Drag coilovers by D2 Racing. Jerry Bickel Race Cars gives Racers the technology to win! . The dual torsion type adjustable front arm spring allows for smooth front arm movement. Top Quality Drag Racing Parts. While it is true that many of these . My Account; Gift Certificates; Sign in or Create an account Above left: Not only did we elect to improve our rear suspension’s hook-up by ordering a pair of CalTrac traction bars, but we also received a pair of Calvert Racing’s Split-Mono Leaf rear springs. Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Bodied Drag Racing Shocks. About 23. Developed specifically for late model drag cars. 67 camaro 420 - 641hp HRcam 1. 50” and a compressed height of 13. #3. These typically come in 2 forms; Steel Bodied, and Aluminum Bodied. Suspension components are the crux of our business. Lakewood. When you pull the control arms to box them, go ahead in install poly bushings. 2,133 Posts. So maybe something like the pedders drag ii kit. late model car or truck, racing vehicle or Rear Suspension on FWD Drag Race Vehicle. Calvert Racing CR32136 Rear Racing Shocks Pair - 9-Way Adjustable 64-77 A Body. Account. But if they're non-parallel, you could obtain some toe-in or toe-out in response to fore/aft compliance - and you can play with it by moving the steering arm attachment location fore/aft. Bilstein 5100 Series 14-19 Silverado/ Sierra 1500 Rear Shock Absorber - 4in Lift $ 103. Jerry Bickel Race Cars gives Racers the technology to win! > Home > Race Cars & Equipment . Sale. 5. Keep the ride to the finish smooth with our race car shocks. 71 mph pass. * Custom Lingenfelter by Pedders coil springs. 99 Calvert Racing Cr42133 Rear Drag Racing Shocks Pair 9 Way Adjustable. as for the front shocks, the only difference between the falcon and Rear shocks for multi-leaf suspension Bilstein drag racing shocks bring Bilstein's monotube technology to the drag strip!. 00; RLR Strange 90/10 Single Adjustable Front Shocks King and Link Pin $ 555. SHOW DETAILS. 1) I'm in the process of getting an 8 point roll cage professionally installed and my rear . $149. BMR’s Delrin bushings eliminate bushing deflection and transfer the maximum amount of torque and horsepower possible. Strut Assemblies; Rear Shocks; Front Shocks; Springs; 4 Link-Cross Link; Shock Accessories; Strut Parts; Top Mounts; 3RD MEMBERS. Home Rear Suspension Drag Racing. This product was added to our catalog on December 10, 2021 3 hours ago · Progressive Suspension 412 Series, 12in. We are using a 4 link system, traditional setup with . I don’t plan on constantly drag racing the car, maybe couple times a year. 8 or better with colder air. item 7 Koni Shocks Alum Double Adjustable Rear Shock- 7In Travel P/N 8212 1123Spa1 7 - Koni Shocks Alum Double Adjustable Rear Shock- 7In Travel P . While bringing up launch rpm, the car rises about 3" in rear. Learn more. BA FALCON UTE RACING MOLY 4 LINK KIT (including Viking coil overs) COMMODORE SEDAN BOLT IN RACE MOLY 4 LINK KIT (vertical Viking coil overs) . Rail centers are 9”. Application: 1993 - 2002 F-Body. 93 with a 1. 95 No Thanks. For everything except the Hellcats. JPC Racing - Built 5. 79. The Watson Racing S550 is also home to a . Puig Racing Windscreens. S10 parts, S10 chassis, S10 body, S10 roll bars, S10 roll cages, S10 Spoiler, S10 front suspension and S10 rear suspension upgrades. This website has grown far beyond my original intentions of helping the shadetree mechanic in understanding a drag racing suspension in simple terms and Weight: 22. This tower is intended to use a shorter shock providing less travel more suitable to drag racing conditions. Shocks Rear. Bodies. By about 1963 or 64 Chevy finally reinforced the rear cross member to reduce the chance of it tearing out. back; Santhuff; Strange Engineering. Customer reviews. Drag Racing an IRS 101 . Large selection of competition components and performance street parts, for your truck. $500. Summit Racing SUM-G7702 - Summit Racing™ Drag Racing Shocks. This optional shock tower is intended for the rear of the Traxxas Drag Slash. Suspension, Steering and Chassis. com and this video is going to cover my quick rundown on Team Z’s rear drag race springs fitting your 1994 to 2004 SN95 based Mustang. 5 Spec. To be upfront I am very new to car building and I'm learning as I go. 0 "Coyote" Short Block Rated 1100 HP . 79 @ 137. Compare Jack the front of the car up and make sure everything falls and hangs freely. Front Toe . Stiffening the extension (rebound) on the Shock will hit the tire less, Softening extension (rebound) will hit the tire harder. For the front I was thinking of a set of 6 cyl springs and I was wondering what the best shock choice would be, some sort of 90/10 I would assume. Schnitz Key Switch Eliminator Harness. I’m also running a 28” tall Hoosier bracket radial as a tire I’m not asking for advice on settings but more of an understanding on how the IRS is supposed yo work with drag . 43 to 1. 06. More About Shock Absorbers - Drag Racing. I've found that a couple of different preload adjustments on the Caltracs, work for different track conditions. Dyno tested for High Performance Drag Racing Suspension Components. This chapter looks at muscle cars with rear-suspension systems using coil springs with two lower control arms and a torque tube. Fits: Rear, A Rear Suspension - Individual Components. Articles. Shock Bumpers. Viking double and triple adjustable shocks allow you to fine tune the . Home » Motorcycle » Drag Racing » Rear Shocks. Rear Set MT 26. Adjusting the compression and rebound of the front shock helps control the launch. Trac Dynamics Slammerz Front Fork Lowering Kits. $468. 11 IE Challenger 392 #787 (Sold) 13 Boss 302 Laguna Seca #392. Our Mission: The goal of the team at Menscer Motorsports is to provide custom shock and suspension tuning solutions and performance racing parts to customers based on their specific needs. 82-02 Fbody Viking Performance Double Adjustable Rear Shock : $205. Competition Engineering's Rear Drag Shocks can be adjusted for changing track conditions by simple compressing and turning the shock. 800-646-6718 . 42. This was encouraging. Part Number: SUM-G7702. The 8760PB-Drag is our best shock option for drag racing. QA1's custom mount rear coil-over conversion system is available in double adjustable, single adjustable and ride sensitive valving options and a variety of spring rates. Shocks. 99 : 24-024068 93-02 Bilstein Heavy Duty Shock (Front) $149. AFCO - Racing And Performance Parts. The wedge is mounted between the spring mount pad and the leaf spring itself. Accessories. Quick View. When drivers, builders, and And option 2 would be the AME triangle 4 link kit which welds UNDER the factory floor. ·. 88in. Drag Shock - Rear - 70/30. Universal Fit, Twin Tube Shock Type, Rear Position Ships Free On Sale Shock Type . Using this shock tower will allow for increased tuning options. JACKEDRAM1500. These KYB shocks and struts fit any budget and suspension combination you want. When setting a Mustang up properly for drag racing, you will need to focus on adding more anti-squat, shortening your instant center, eliminating body roll during launch, and improving weight transfer to the rear tires. Includes: Aluminum coil over body, top & bottom spring seats, jam nuts and thrust bearings to ease ride height adjustment. Sep 6, 2011. Quantity: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Available In: Black Hammertone. 2 x 3. 0. Rear Shocks Drag Racing. Mopar Performance Drag Racing Rear Shock Absorber. Overview. Ridetech partnered with Fox Shocks back in 2010 to provide the . Drag Racing. Spring JRi Shocks understands the extreme, unique demands of Drag Racing. These factory three-link cars include GM 1982 to 2002 Camaros and Firebirds (also referred to Here you will find only the highest quality drag racing suspension components available. The front shocks can be adjusted to split the compression/rebound bias to 90/10, 80/20 or 60/40, while the rear shocks can be adjusted to 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50, allowing you to fine-tune the suspension system for streetability or racing trim. If the car is pulling one way, try adding a ¼ . JPC Racing- Viking Shocks & Steeda Shock Mount Package. Drag rail chassis There are a few guys on here that go fast,take their advice as they have been there and done that. Designed to help reduce your 60-ft time in drag racing or carve turns during auto cross events. How to setup double adjustable shocks and coilover springs for drag race suspension. 00 Find quality GM drag racing suspension packages and automotive components to spruce up your ride. three adjustments repeat 360 ° around the shock. Their precise attention to detail and expert craftsmanship allows for some of . Description. – Low rebound rates to assist in weight transfer to the rear axle during launch acceleration. on the hottest stories in drag racing. With a good adjustable rear shock and anti-roll bar setup, you can get plenty of hook. The 8760 is a high quality piggy back triple adjustable shock that uses standard Penske parts. Tax included. After in depth research and development, JRi custom designed and built the highest performing shocks and struts on the market. Add to cart. all my cars before were coil springs, leaf springs are a new animal for me. * Gen 5 Camaro rear suspension, adjustable trailing arm, pair. Min Length A = 10. Many styles and finishes are available in track locaters, wishbones, panhard bars . 99. Quality, Handling Performance, and Drag Racing. Rear Suspension Package B Body $ No Prep Drag Racing. $679. Setting your shocks and keeping track of tuneups o. 39, 9. Joined Nov 26, 2017. 4-Way Adjustable Shocks. No Product Score Action; 1: I Still Play With Blocks Racing Shirt - Maintenance Man Gift T-Shirt: 9. We include them in all our suspension systems for trucks, cars and hot rods – street or race track. $120. Progressive Suspension 412-4009B (Editor's Choice) Progressive Suspension 412-4009B shocks have a double-walled steel body with nitrogen charges. !This shock has a Bar Pin for the top mount and Eyelet for the lower mount. Racing and performance shocks. , toss on some springs and go racing. Joined: Wed May 25, 2005 5:12 am. Academy How to set up and utilize the rear suspension system on a tube chassis, 4-link drag racing vehicle. Call us on 631-902-2276. Price: $ 659. 632. Öhlins Racing has been an intricate part of the motorsport industry for GR40 CHASSIS SYSTEMS (1979-2004) Our chassis system was designed to give you unprecedented performance. KONI REAR SHOCK-REAR. As for the front, you can do it with the stock front suspension. Toolbox. the rear shocks are already starting . probably mid 9s with a new set up. $79. 5 slicks (all custom valved small tire) shock settings will be from full stiff: notation will be as follows 10 c = 10 from full tight on compression 15 r = 15 from full tight on rebound (extension) Rear coilover shocks have always been a good way to add a lot of adjustability and tuning to the rear of a drag car but few people understand the process to installing them and setting them up. When you have your tranny set perfect you have to look other places for more speed. When you launch, the car's front comes up as weight is transferred to the rear tires as you pump the gas. They provide the Strange S197 Mustang Double Adjustable Shocks 2005-2014. Production of High Performance SHOP NOW TRZ MOTORSPORTS DRAG RACING Suspension menscer motorsports rear shock starting settings and tuning information for drag radial (275/315), 8. This greatly improves drive. D2 Racing 1 PC REAR W/PBM Drag Series Coilover - (D-HN-25-1-DR) for Honda Civic (INCL Si) 2012-2013. If you’ve been following drag racing for any length of time, you’ve seen a few really nasty wrecks. Everyone who's anyone in drag racing uses a dynamometer to test and refine engine combinations long before the car hits the strip. 00; Inner Door Handles $ 135. WeiSen Rear Shocks Lowering Kit 10. #3 · Dec 18, 2003. The addition of Griggs Coil Over Konis and rear lower control arms makes this kit pack a . Our Price: $1,039. The rear Drag Racing Sway Bar is precision CNC formed to ensure proper fitment for a true bolt-on . SUSPENSION. Parts. Street Rebuilt, re-valved and re-sprung Hayabusa shock for drag racing. The style of rear suspension – leaf spring, four link coil suspension, independent rear suspension, etc. 50, unless the tires break loose, and then 1. We go above and beyond to meet our customers' expectations. 00 : 743019 82-02 KYB Adjustable AGX Shock (Rear) $105. That said, here's some basic info on No Prep RC Drag Racing. D. 1978-1988; Mustang. They offer a version of the Rancho 9000 Series adjustable shock with the right adapter brackets for Maverick/Comet. sometimes parts vendors put a higher price on parts for falcons even though they are the same as mustang parts, hoping that people dont know the difference. Luke Wilson, Drag Racing Kevin Fox, Auto Cross Racing Frank Paradiso, Motorcycle Double Adjustable Drag Shock. Specially designed drag racing shocks come in a variety of configurations, including adjustable designs that . HOW TO ADJUST COMPETITION ENGINEERING DRAG RACING SHOCKS 1. With over 418 total combinations of adjustment in rebound and compression, this shock will take your ride to the Tech Tips: AFCO’s Drag Race Shock Tuning Guide Provides The Basic Road Map To Making Your Car Hook And Book. 15. Rear Suspension Series - DragRace. All Penske shocks are hand-built to order specifications, and they can also be adapted to be double-adjustable, giving you high-quality shocks for a fair price. JRi Shocks understands the extreme, unique demands of drag racing, that’s why we created the double adjustable coilover drag shock. Please note that Racing Shocks require different collapsed/extended lengths than stock/street shocks. A front K-member and coil overs work very well. Team Z Motorsports has researched and developed a variety of top notch suspension components for the Mustang. Showing 1–16 of 24 results 5″ AFCO Rear D. Schnitz Electric Oil Scavenge Pump. They can and are used on the street by hot rodders who are drag oriented without problem, but they will not work good if handling is your goal, they are valved to the needs of drag racing. My purpose for this car is to have a quick street/strip car. Regular price. You can fine-tune from there with the included . From the factory, each rear shock has two 1 mm spacers, one 2 mm spacer, and one 4 mm spacer for a total of 8 mm of preload. Top. Add to Cart. The 1045 Cold Formed Steel is used for maximum strength. Dyno tested for quality These leaf spring wedges are used to adjust pinion angle on vehicles equipped with rear leaf springs. The arm is designed to work with 15-inch wheels as part of BMR’s Drag Race Rear Suspension Package (DRP007). quaife diff. On a drag car, the rear shocks control how much force C/E7607 -Pro 1 EZ Build Dual Chute Pack Mount. Xtreme Racing Traxxas Drag Slash 3mm Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower. 8212 1121SPA1 - 5. Package includes one rear shock tower, one shock tower base and hardware. Call 800. Please note when ordering the drag racing kit without shocks, the kit will also not include springs, spanner wrenches or thrust bearing kits. 0-6 Clicks 2-8 Clicks . Drag Racing Categories. Ridetech adjustable shocks are built with Fox Factory racing components. Goes away on accel. 8:22 PM. Mustang Forums. Calvert Racing Cr42133 - 299. Constructed out of steel with heavy duty 5/8" shaft . 54. 8 @ 167 and now we are building a new chassis to the SFI 25. Maxim - Shocks; Maxim - Brass Parts; Maxim - Chassis Components; . 00" to This is a discussion on rear drag shocks, what setting? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; i just got the moroso competion engineering rear drag shocks, they are 3 way adjustable. Last year the car went 8. springs allow fluid movement and dual front limiters easily adjust sled drift. This means better throttle response, quicker 60-foot times, and improved all-around performance. STEP 4: REAR DAMPER ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE. Boxing is easy, just weld 1/8 plate steel to the bottom along the length of the arm. 00 Add to cart; Viking Double Adjustable rear Shocks (1964-1973) Mustang ALSO FITS 60-70 FALCON, Select Color Black Hammertone Red. TRACK ORDER. Engineered and manufactured as a true high-performance independent rear suspension, the Chassisworks gStreet IRS is an exceptionally capable system intended for the most demanding high-horsepower, road handling applications. The “D” rear tower replaces the standard AE or SCT tower and brings the rear suspension into a more racy stance utilizing a . 96 @ 155 60's 1. A set of oem springs, and a pair of 90/10 shocks. Best Chassis Shop for Koni Shocks and Coilover Shocks. $700. and 3/4" O. If you plan to use conventional tires for drag racing, look for a relatively soft tread compound, a minimum of tread openings, a wide and flat tread, and a larger diameter. The suspension comes standard with wheel kits but can be removed and slides installed for ice drags. Dial Primarily Adjusts Rebound, Enabling Driver To Control Excessive Rear Body Separation. 00; These shocks are internally valved for Small Tire Drag Radial applications where a finely tuned shock and suspension is required. E-mail this product to a friend. $189. Ideal for Use with Narrowed Fuel Tanks - Available Separately. To set compression baseline, turn the adjuster to full firm, then Home // Suspension & Chassis > Shocks > Mopar Perfomance > Mopar Performance Drag Racing Rear Shock Absorber. 99 : 3870F 93-02 F-Body AFCO Racing Eliminator Double Adjustable Drag Shock (Front) $399. Maxim Chassis Kit; Maxim - Replacement Parts. HELP CENTER. Heres a slow motion video of my 1. Sportsman Class competitors line up prior to their passes at the 2015 Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Southern Nationals May 16th, 2015. Double Adjustable Front Shock Multiple When you need to hit the track hard with the tire you’ll want to have the rebound on a softer setting, while a stiff setting will slow the shock rebound Shop Drag Racing Shocks & Coilovers parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $149 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Menu. Shocks that provide the performance you need for your Street, Strip or Muscle car. 5 502 . Mounts right in the stock location. 72 Comet GT 302/AOD, 1972 Mustang NHRA Stock Eliminator 351C. Part#: 8212-1123 SPA11. The key factors here are that any shock or strut for a drag racing application should be adjustable, and feature drag race-oriented valving. 44v max. 00. Rear Suspension & Components 4 Link Bars 4 Link Brackets 4 Link Kits Ford Mustang Complete 9" Rear End Packages; GM A-Body Complete 9" Rear End Packages; GM B-Body Complete 9" Rear End Packages; GM F-Body Complete 9" Rear End Packages; GM G-body 78-87 Complete 9" Rear End Package; GM Chevy S10 82-04 Complete 9" Rear End Package; GM Tri 5 55-57 Chevy Complete 9" Rear End Package; GM Truck Complete Rear End Packages 3mm THICK CARBON FIBER DRAG RACING REAR SHOCK TOWER FOR THE 2WD RUSTLER OR SLASH. Electric Drag 71. My Garage. com/KevinWilsonSBC?sub_confirmation=1How t. Lethal Performance S550 Mustang Suspension Package - 600+ HP (Drag) Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. RS010. Features. These drag shock absorbers are designed for racing and they facilitate easy installation. Bump and rebound are road race terms that actually confuse Drag Racers because the shock extends on the initial hit in a Drag car. Buy drag racing suspension kits and components in JEGS online store today! The Calvert Racing 9 way adjustable CR series rear shocks, Formally known as Rancho. Is Now officially a Calvert Brand. I went 1. UMI- rear adjustable upper/ non adjustable lower control arms - UPT-301517R - $379. 003. 36″ Stroke. The problem with these numbers is it is only a percentage and does not tell you the actual dampening forces of the shock but just its general characteristic. PRO Shocks has built a winning reputation for designing and manufacturing quality racing and performance suspension components for over 30 years. Contact us with any questions at 855-998-8726. Compression and rebound damping are completely independent, with the setting of one not affecting the other. Stock rear ride height and -3 pinion angle. 61. sure wish i could aford to narrow the rear and put a 4 link in . My 72 duster currently has /6 leaf springs some 90/10 shocks and a pinion snubber. com. If there is anything binding or not moving smoothly in the front suspension, it'll cause more issues than anything. 5" Coil Springs with various lengths. Choose the Gas-A-Just or GR-2 for a a factory type ride quality. Part#: . Quantity: 4 $120. LOVELLS 370MM STOCK HEIGHT Rear Springs-GTO. Install them and forget them, as they will work for the typical 2800 lb vintage Corvette club racecar. 3L) -General/Talk- . RS012. Schnitz Micro Storm 2 Stage Progressive Nitrous Controller. Doing so changes the angle the axle Slow motion video capture or simply stop motion frames from a typical video camera make an excellent tool for viewing tires on the hit, and the reason why racers from Top Fuel to sportsman bracket racers use them. Post. IT IS DESIGNED TO USE 65mm SHOCKS SUCH AS THE 4 Talk with our drag racing specialists for your custom setup. I’m thinking of just getting a Complete Eaton Bullet Proof Differential from JAGS, and convert it to a 12 bolt and 30 spline axles, since Toms differentials 1480 Vette Axle kit is 30 spline. front traction bars. 00 Your drag racing connection for late model Camaro and Mustang chassis, suspension, body, and accessories. View Product. A 1/2"-20 grade Later, 90/10 drag racing shocks were invented, which did much the same thing, in that neither the worn out shocks nor the 90/10 drag shocks had much if any rebound. Performance Online (POL) 9 way adjustable twin tube design shock absorber has what you need for all around best performance and maximum consistency. These are very popular with the Stock Eliminator crowd in NHRA and IHRA. Our approach is data driven and based on information obtained through extensive on-track testing . We carry a wide selection of circle track racing shocks in a variety of sizes. GIFT CARDS. With separate high and low speed compression adjustability, and separate rebound adjustability,. BIG REAR SWAY - We have an upgraded rear . For drag racing, you can adjust the settings to allow the front end to rise slightly on initial launch . 1964-73 Mustang and related. 50-50 shocks in the rear. Condition: Brand New. Effectively transferring weight to the rear of the car is critical to getting maximum traction at the track. 00 LBS. 95 BMR Suspension TR005R 2015-2020 Mustang Double Adjustable Rear Toe Rods (Red) +$219.

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