Irs letter 2645c. We need to notify you of delays in processing your return. Are you wondering what the IRS letter 2645c means? 2645C is my all-time favorite and most ambiguous IRS inquiry letter. IRS Letter 2645C – Sample 1 The letter warns recipients that if they don't pay the amount due immediately, the agency will seize their state income tax refund and apply them to the balance owed. Irs Letter 2645c 2019. Documentation to reconcile advance payments of the Premium Tax Credit (PTC). We have a question about your tax return. In most cases, they haven’t even read what Read more Db [email protected] The IRS is aware of the backlog and will process mailed payments as of the day they were received, rather than the date they were processed, according to The letter is inspired by news reports. CP 521, Installment Agreement Reminder Notice . What to pluck When the IRS Personal Letter Request Legal Representation william n mcmillan iii has 32 years of experience as a trial lawyer he was a partner with the prestigious plaintiff s . 26,073,860. TS3Pack r 1. Our team of expert audit representatives, which includes attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents, provides tax audit help for thousands of cases each month. This is a notice or letter from the IRS telling the taxpayer that they have received the correspondence sent into IRS. Would taxpayers be required to amend returns could they file for a. 11/06/2020 IRS 45A -0,09% 12/06/2020 -0,10% 11/06/2020 IRS 50A -0,09% 12/06/2020 . In most cases, they haven’t even read what Read more IRS Changes to Your Tax Return: CP21 Notice and CP22 Notice. However we need an additional 60 days to send you a complete response on what action we are taking on your acc ount. l anofi do 4 ) aaqtunu . All it means is they are buying more time. com [RedemptionByMethod]" <[email protected] Why would IRS ask me to fill-up Form-8854 for year 2015 if they consider me a USA resident till 2016? I have already called IRS help line 267-941-1000 regarding this matter. 31st 2015. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The changes may be something you requested, something the IRS did automatically, or the results of an audit. We need additional information. UYA-0040 Postwar Era US C- 2645C /AIC-14 Intercommunication . 205 and it is a. This is extremely irritating but at least you know they got your request. If the taxpayer does not pay the The IRS is clear and concise in its letters and notifications. none Letter 2645C tells you that they got what you sent them but haven’t gotten to it yet. An IRS audit letter is certified mail that will clearly identify your name, taxpayer ID, form number, employee ID number, and contact information. Newsweek. BBC has it right. They will also share with Subcommittee 1 any information they have on the Identity Theft letters LT 5071C and LT 4883C Subcommittee 1 is working. IRS Letter 12C (officially labeled LTR0012C) is a notice that the IRS needs more information before it can process your return. You or your representative sent information to the IRS. The IRS sends a CP21 Notice or CP22 notice when it made changes to your tax return. What to pluck When the IRS 3 hours ago · This list is taken directly from the IRS letter 2645C. (Nor am I going to call the IRS up in the height of Tax Season about an erroneous letter right now and find out. 11/16/15 IRS sent letter 2645C saying "IRS will respond within 45 days" They did NOT! We never did get an explanation of why it was held up. Reminder Notice: CP501. 29, 2017 L TR 2645C KO 200906 67 58-2177597 0409905473 00001955 Input Op: INC Sincerely yours, Ginni L. IRS Letter 4364C Tax Attorney Explains Response Options. Is Client Letter Mandatory For H1b Stamping 2019. Why does the IRS send Letter 2645C? The IRS can get overwhelmed with taxpayer correspondence especially around tax season. (WAFF) - The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning of a scam involving a letter claiming to be from them. Call the IRS at (800) 829‐4933. We have processed your tax The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will almost certainly send you a letter or notice when you have unpaid taxes due. Letter 2644C. Anyone else have their clints receive this letter? Wayne Shellner. Neither client contacted IRS. The two responses received from the IRS on the CP2000 was a blanket statement and all recommendations are “under consideration” and will be reviewed in September 2021. This is sent if the taxpayer has failed to respond to their 30-day notice. We take this kind of Irs Letter 2645c graphic could possibly be the most trending subject as soon as we ration it in google lead or facebook. Please disregard the letter 2645C that was sent you on Jan. Letter 4883C is one of two letters the IRS uses to Tax Advocate will give you a list of items to fax. The payment address is also a red IRS Letter 2645C is a notice that the IRS is delaying your case. IRS needs an additional 60 days letter You may get yet another 2645C letter, which says another 60 days is needed for the IRS to action your tax return. Notice deadline: N/A Several friends and clients have told me that they have received IRS Letter 2645C and don't know what to do. It's recommended you call the IRS at 800-829-1040. This is similar to IRS Letter 531 as it’s also a Notice of Deficiency. Organization Letters; NASSAUSUFFOLK View Only Community Home Discussion 2. The "information" they seek is for you to verify your identity by personally appearing in their office. In most cases, they haven’t even read what you sent. Strange Letter from IRS. Redfern Program Manager, AM OPS 1 PO BOX 347 BROOKHAVEN MS 39602-0347 . The letter will explain what corrections, if any, the IRS made to your return. The following letters received from the IRS are valid and the employee should take action as described in the letter. They discussed the issue and they anticipate having a recommendation for next month’s meeting. Timothy Rose April 21, 2022. Why are you receiving this letter? You have received IRS letter 2645C because you or your power of attorney contacted the IRS to resolve a matter. The IRS says the letter may look official, but it is not. Shellner's Tax Service. I believe, in IRS lingo, this is known as an “interim response” — specifically a letter 2645C. My best guess is that a low-level IRS employee scanned my letter in, . May 01, 2019 LTR 4464C 0 XXX-XX-XXXX XXXXXX XX Input OP: XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX BODC: WI ssn: xxx-xx-xxxx Tax year: 2018 ATSC 4800 Buford Highway Chamblee GA 30341-0000 FIRST M. 10. My tax preparer said I owed the IRS $111. progress of their returns and refunds. Note: A Form W-2, Form 1099 is not a tax return. 26(b), I am hereby transferring . We never received the letter 2645C that the IRS references, so we have no idea what’s going on. Whenever the IRS makes an adjustment to your refund amount, you are mailed a letter advising of the reason for the change. These are the Social Security number, name, and most recent address. 20, 2022. The Internal Reveue Service is still processing your fom 1040x for the tax year ending Dec. A CP501 reminds the taxpayer that they have not paid the remaining income tax amounts for the year. 19. Person may have recently received an IRS CP15 Notice for Form 3520 unreported foreign gifts. For previous installments in the nasty-letters-from-the-IRS series, see: 30 May 2006; 14 July 2006; 8 August 2006; 12 September 2006; 31 May 2007; 2 July 2007; Aircraft Cockpit C-2645C /AIC-14 Active Intercom Control . 3593 Arlington Ave. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, t. April 23, 2022 by Erin Forst, EA. irs letter 2645c. Eagle Scout Letter Of Recommendation Form 2019. 2012-02-01. IRS Letter 2645C indicates the IRS is working on a response to their account, but needs an additional 60 days to send the complete response with the action the IRS is taking. Andover, MA. ©2014 VictoryTaxSolutions. The DDb is a rules-based system 1 that incorporates information from many sources such as the Department of Health and Human Services, the Social Security Administration, and the IRS. ” The “adjustment,” of course, is the additional money the IRS says you owe them, including the penalty . I just received a letter from the IRS (2645C) basically stating that they need 60 more days to respond to the action I took last July, but not providing any further detail. Correct a 1 thg 6, 2019 IRS letter LTR 12C O R states, "Don't respond with a Form 1040X, Amended US Individual Income Tax Return". No_Broccoli_8273. The Internal Revenue Manual refers to them as “interim letters” (IRM 4. Cover Letter Sample For Students With No Experience The Perfect Job Cover Letter With No Experience 200+ Cover Letter. In the end, there's no sure way to predict an IRS audit, but these 23 red flags could certainly . 43 — Total-P 9. Press “1 . (Do not include any numbers or letters in parentheses. Irs Letter 4883c 2019. What to pluck When the IRS Published: Aug. Can some please help me. They often send several of these with delays successively. Please refer to PTC page for more information on PTC advance payments. Sometimes, you will wait on the IRS to act & other times, they will ask for & expect a response from you. Expand all | Collapse all. April 29, 2022. Here are a number of highest rated Irs Letter 2645c pictures on internet. If you agree with the information, there is no need to contact us. 2. Simply put, the expiration date for the IRS's ability to collect is ten years from the initial tax assessment. Press “1” for service in English. What to pluck When the IRS IRS Letter 2645C tells our member the IRS received items and has not completed all the processing of the items yet. S. This is the amount of federal tax you paid for each of the years in question. And when I say the IRS has Highlights of Reference Number: 2014-40-076 to the Internal Revenue Service Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement. Suite - H . The IRS has received the information but the information has not been processed yet. IRS Letter 2645C tells you to wait. ) The following letters do not have codes or form numbers. The IRS sends notices and letters for the following reasons: You have a balance due. letter . (Really!) . Warren Buffett Letter To Shareholders 2019. Issue #39806 – CP2000 and Issue #43347 – CP2000 Paragraph Language. adidas ajax 21/22 away shirt xl; victor nylon shuttlecock; why would the irs send me a letter 2022; April IRS uses Letter 2645C to notify you that there is a delay in processing your case. You may owe money, get a refund, or have . Db [email protected] Internal Revenue Bulletin 2013 1 Internal Revenue Service. In addition to the RRP, the IRS uses the Dependent Database (DDb). 2014 IRS LTR 2645C LO DATED 12:04:2018 copy (pdf) Download. This website is mainly for Entertainment purposes only. IRS Notice Letter 2645C General Letters. Follow the steps below to obtain a faxed IRS letter (147C) if you are unable to locate the SS‐4 document. September 30, 2021 at 5:59 pm EDT. Line 63 on your 1040. capabilities and is designed to improve the IRS’s ability to detect, resolve, and prevent fraud. com, Received an IRS 2645c letter. 'Click on this to see your tax transcript'. If your claimed estimated tax payments differ from the amount the IRS received, expect to get Notice CP23, which indicates a tax discrepancy and . My wife and I filed our tax return online through H&R Block on irs letter 2645c 2020 Log Skidders For Sale In New York State The IRS said it's also taking longer than 21 days to issue refunds for some 2020 tax returns that require review, such as determining recovery rebate credit amounts for the first and second de 2021 I filed taxes May 17th . The IRS uses a computerized scoring model that evaluates your return and gives it a score based on the likelihood that it IRS Letter 2645C tells you to wait. Make use of a electronic solution to generate, edit and sign documents in PDF or Word format on the web. We need additional 60 days to send you a complete response. 13. So it’s important you closely monitor and action any correspondence from the IRS. Child Support. Letter 4464c irs IRS Letter 2645C tells you to wait. The IRS mentions about out of 8 items listed on letter that they received one from the following:Correspondence, telephone unquiry , payment all the way down to other. The IRS statute of limitations on collections -- also known as the collections state expiration date (CSED for short) -- determines the window of time in which the IRS can collect. The customer service representative suggested me to write down all my . "He certainly wanted Meghan removed, for a start, from the hitherto harmonious joint household that he and his brother had operated together for the best part of a decade. The IRS must receive the payment within 21 days. Respond to the letter, even if you disagree with the information in it. We-re working on your account. If this answered your question I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to rate my response. 09 질문-기타 › IRS 4464C 에 관하여(Tax 리펀드) [2] 자유로 2020. Jan 21, 2019 · AUSTIN – Internal Revenue Service, 3651 South Interregional Highway 35, Austin TX 78741 BRKHAVN – Internal Revenue Service, 5000 Corporate Ct. TAP Annual Report The same goes for errors with refundable tax credits, such as the expanded 2021 child tax credit. You may wish to call the IRS directly. Generally the IRS sends letters by certified mail. Transform them into templates for numerous use, insert fillable fields to collect recipients? data, put and request Here are ten things to know in case one shows up in your mailbox. com, the nation's leading Tax Audit Defense firm. IRS Letter 2645C tells our member the IRS received items and has not completed all the processing of the items yet. The IRS agreed with many and has taken the following steps to improve the program in 2020: 16 • The IRS and the SSA have been collaborating to reduce the processing time of paper Forms W-2; • The IRS provides taxpayers whose refunds have been delayed by the PRWVH process with an interim letter every 60 . Anyone have experience with this one ? On May 18, 2014, at 6:39 PM, "Dan irs letter 2645c. Its submitted by supervision in the best field. (See also, Notice CP2006) Irs Letter 2645c. 800-829-0922 . IRS CP15 Notice of Penalty. The letter serves to let you know that their case is stilling being worked by the IRS. Anyone have experience with this one ? On May 18, 2014, at 6:39 PM, "Dan Cropper [email protected] If you did not receive your letter by certified mail, that does not mean the letter is a fraud, but it is more likely to be so than if you received proper notification. Next steps Read IRS Letter 2645C indicates the IRS is working on a response to their account, but needs an additional 60 days to send the complete response with the action the IRS is taking. . CP15 Notice: The CP15 Notice is an IRS Penalty Charge that requires a timely response. Ltr 2654 is a notice from the IRS telling the taxpayer that they have received the correspondence from them. Letter 2273C, Installment Agreement Accepted; Terms Explained. 60 MORE days on top of the original 60 day review notice you should have received. Oftentimes, these penalties will involve international gifts, trusts, and entities abroad. The letter says, in part "Thank you for your inquiry of (date). If so, simply enter the form number into the IRS letter decoder. The role that the Form 8854 plays in renouncing US . Subcommittee 2 looked in the Parking Lot at Issue 40117 regarding Letter 2645C. 10/02/15 Irs sent Letter 324C asking we fax W-2 and other documents. Just sit tight while the work on it. The letter said Dear taxpayer thank you for your corresponce received Mar 22cd 2016. 1K; Library 105; Blogs 22; Events 0; Members . Letter 4464c irs. Irs Letter 2645c Integrity And Verification Operations. Irs Letter 12c 2019. NadO 40 Mot aq e daay saoeds ano • uoneaad000 s anol. Sep 09, 2021 · IRS Information Letters 2021-0008 (May 11, 2021) and 2021-0014 (April 16, 2021) Letter 2021-0008 Letter 2021-0014 The IRS has released two . com [RedemptionByMethod] May 20 at 2:40 [email protected] irs letter 2645c you or your representative sent information to the irs the irs sends letter 2645c to let you know they are 45 day review irs UdAJqy [ICEUSW] . We need to verify your identity. We identified it from obedient source. SW N3AVHYOOäf1 xoq Od ONI N011Vatano:l ,ssntl san 9ES In Ngaso . Blank Letter Template Printable Free Emotional Support Animal Letter Pdf. (A While renouncing comes with a number of important non-tax considerations, the role that the IRS plays in the decision to renounce should not be underestimated. We filed 2020 taxes in early March, 2021 and received a 60 day extension letter from the IRS as well. Form 8854 asks for federal tax liability. Search: UdAJqy legal, irs letter 2645c interim letter h amp r block, legal dictionary law com, nysba representing the personal injury plaintiff in ny, irs letter 2645c interim letter h amp r block, need legal help call lawaccess nsw 1300 888 529, letter dictionary definition vocabulary com, prepaid legal plans prosperity at home and abroad, sample letters to help you resolve your identity theft we have letters for you to use credit cards first call your credit card company to get charges reversed, you didn t specify if its 1 account for the entire group or individually anyway you can try this out to the bank manager this letter to is to formally . In about 3 months you will likely receive a Letter 2644C or Letter 2645C delaying your case. The IRS received a number of . Please feel free to call us at any time. 23), which is a nice label given to a letter that is simply saying the IRS has received something from the taxpayer but has not acted on it yet. 25, 2018 at 6:09 PM PDT. If you owe the IRS less than $25,000 you can request a "streamlined" installment agreement with the IRS. They use Letter 5071C to ask you to go online or call to verify your identity. The only thing I can think of is that I filed a protective claim in July for the ACA tax. Along with the letter, that I have received from IRS, I have also received Form-8854 (year 2015). In fact, every 60 days until September (I think we got 3 letters), we received an extension. Within 15 days of receiving a 1400 stimulus check you should receive a letter that confirms the amount allocated to you and your dependents - called a Notice 1444 or Notice 1444-B. Search: Irs 60 Day Letter. Size_Slight. They state in Letter 5747C that they will not process . Professional IRS response letter templates and post-filing resolution tools The Checkpoint IRS Response Library from Thomson Reuters allows you to quickly respond to IRS notices confidently and provide IRS representation for your clients in many types of . What to pluck When the IRS The IRS operates out of the easily-memorized 800-829-1040. If you don’t respond within the 30 days as required, then after the suspense period, the IRS will send either a Letter 3219C, Statutory Notice of Deficiency, allowing the taxpayer 90 days to petition the Tax Court, or a Letter 0105C, Claim Disallowed, or a Letter 0106C, Claim Partially Disallowed, and will make an immediate adjustment . The letter had no FAX number on it. My return was filed, accepted, and my refund processed last March. It is extremely irritating. IRS Letter 2645C is a notice that the IRS is delaying your case. In this scam, fraudsters send an email with an attachment they claim is the taxpayer’s tax transcript. I have had two different clients tell me they received LTR 2645C from the IRS, the letter states, Thank you for your inquiry. From there, the IRS can crank . OLD SCAM, NEW TWIST: Thieves use often . View 1 photos for 4469 N 74th St, Milwaukee, WI 53218 a 3 bed, 1 bath, 945 Sq. That’s all it does. 2645C. There’s only a limited time to respond to the notice, so it is important to speak and experienced tax . Irs Tax Identification Verification 147c IRS Letter 2645C – Sample 1 This sample IRS tax audit notice was sent to one our members in Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN). Make a note of the words initial tax assessment. (See also Notice CP2006) It is possible to push the IRS by using the Taxpayer Advocate, but that is time-consuming & they may refuse to review the case since normal procedures are being followed. Easy You agree with the notice IRS Letter 2645C is a notice that the IRS is delaying your case. Someone else may. level 1. 3 hours ago · This list is taken directly from the IRS letter 2645C. From the IRS website: If you filed a return * You don't need to take any action. Cover Letter For Resume Malaysia Example Cover Letter Resume Cover Letter Examples. 2013 IRS LETTER PC 0310 EGC 5531 DATED 05:14:2018 RESPONSE (pdf) Download. This IRS Letter 2644c indicates that they are delaying action on your case because they lack information to process it. Any letters other than those identified below should be provided to the Human Resources Department for additional research. Simply complete Form 9465 and submit it to the IRS. The IRS has updated its initial contact Letter 4464C, Questionable Refund Hold, to instruct taxpayers to review the income and withholding they . 00 for the year 2020 which I sent immediatedly. In a very common scenario, a U. going to the JC after QR Discussion was held by the Full Committee on the response to . Learn about the IRS’s CP2000 letter and how to respond to it. If the IRS target disputes the liability, there is a 60 day window of time to file an . The cycle repeats as the IRS completes processing or request more information. Irs Letter 2645c Lo. Many times, the IRS targets for the trust fund penalty were not decision-makers and should not be held responsible for the failures of the business. Received A Letter 4464C Posted. Because the IRS doesn't actually impact how much you flex It is his civic member to asses your own liability and hoist the taxes. The IRS has decided to push back by one year the requirement that all partnerships report partners’ capital on Schedules K-1 on the tax basis of accounting in Notice 2019-66. About Letter Irs 60 Day Internal Revenue Service letter 4464C typically confirms that the IRS has received the person’s income tax return, it typically says that the IRS is reviewing the income tax return, and it typically says that any tax refund will be delayed because. Hello. In most cases, they haven’t even read what Read more 3 hours ago · The IRS sends Letter 2645C to let you know they are waiting on information or need more time to review the information you or your representative sent. I recived a letter 2645c from the irs inside the letter it say that they need 60 day's to finish there audit. Letter 4464c from the irs. Do not go through any link or call any phone number indicated in the letter. Many times the IRS has not had time to work the case and this letter serves to let the client / taxpayer know that their case is stilling being worked by the IRS. IRS LETTERS 2645C . · 28 days ago. They say that thieves will often change their tactics to get information and money from consumers. I had health insurance through the Marketplace for the month of January and February 2020. Our toll free number is 877-772-0123. At the top of the IRS notice are the letters “CP”, followed by a . Letter 2645C, Interim Letter [5] 3,328,353. Client Letter For H1b Extension 2019. Appeals of lock-in letters are time-sensitive, so if you receive a lock-in letter, call a tax professional as quickly as possible to help appeal and to ensure your tax withholdings will be appropriate going forward. Letter 2645C tells you that they got what you sent them but haven’t gotten to it yet. MY CASE WITH IRS; Letters resulting from a 1099 audit often include a “notice of proposed adjustment. com> wrote: There is no law Verification of income, withholding, and credit amounts. William simply . Our team of expert tax professionals, which includes attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents, provide tax audit help for thousands of cases each month. What you need to do Read your letter carefully and respond timely. Why did I get a 4464C letter?. If you want them to release your refund you MUST contact an advocate ASAP, they will tell you exactly what is needed and you fax it to them, IRS has exactly 1 week to accept/reject; if all is good; they will re sequence you back into queue and you will have your refund within 1-2 weeks. Letter 2645C is the equivalent of being placed on hold on the phone or a restaurant telling you your table isn’t ready yet. How to respond to IRS Letter 4883C. The scam letter contains a different 800 number not affiliated with the Department of the Treasury or Internal Revenue Service. com. CP15 Notice. CHARLOTTE — Several taxpayers have contacted Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke, saying they received a letter in the mail that looks like it’s from the IRS, but . You are due a larger or smaller refund. bulletin 2013 1 internal revenue service. [1] The IRS had originally only provided the option to report capital on the tax basis of accounting on the draft Form 1065 for 2019. For example, the first line of The IRS Letter 1153 is sent by an IRS Revenue Officer after an investigation into finding the decision-makers. The IRS sends Letter 2645C to let you know they are waiting on information or need more time to review the information you or your representative sent. Nov. We changed your return. This is another 30-day notice from the IRS. 2013 IRS NOTICE CP12 DATED 01:02:2017 LETTER OF SURRENDER (pdf) Download. Warren Buffett Letter To Shareholders 2019 Pdf. It doesn't matter if taxes were withheld at source and you owed nothing when filing the return for that year; you still owed (and paid) X amount during that year. The IRS is requesting more time to process your request. How to Decode an IRS Letter With No Notice Number. I got this letter and the lady at the irs said to wait 120 days to contact them if I dont get it. 21 Gallery Of Irs Letter 2645c Integrity And Verification Operations. That would make sense, but the three clients who received such letters were solid long-term employees with bank accounts, credit cards, etc. This return should be completed in its entirety F-1120X R 0116. For questions abou. ) Contact the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040, . Bajusulamterkini Edit Unfollow. Letter 3391: 30-day non-filer letter. In most cases, they haven’t even read what Read more Here are ten things to know in case one shows up in your mailbox. Irs Letter 2645c. If your letter does not have a notice number in the top right hand corner, it may have a form number in the left corner. If you start . The IRS sends Letter 4883C when they have received your return but they need more information to process it. IRS Letter 2645C tells our objective the IRS received items and leaving not completed all the processing of the items yet. IRS Letter 3219. I received a Letter 96c today from the IRS. There should be stars located above the question. When it comes to IRS penalty notices, one of the worst penalty notices a taxpayer can receive is a Form CP15 notice. IRS uses Letter 2645C to notify you that there is a delay in processing your case. It specifies a tax balance and details response options a taxpayer could make (agree vs appeal). why would the irs send me a letter 2022. Transform them into templates for numerous use, insert fillable fields to collect recipients? data, put and request Irs Letter 2645c Lo. The 1975 ruling was most recently in the tax news because of the IRS’ refusal to grant exempt status to an organization involved with marijuana as you . IRS Notice Letter About Irs Letter . I thought it was because he was getting such a large refund! Sorry this is so long. Contact the IRS via the phone number on the letter for the fastest results. Then she decided she wanted to see my paystubs. The IRS can issue a levy to seize (take) your income and assets. At the heart of the IRS reporting associated with renunciation lies the Form 8854 ( “Initial and Annual Expatriation Statement” ). 3 hours ago · The IRS sends Letter 2645C to let you know they are waiting on information or need more time to review the information you or your representative sent. You’re in line, but the IRS hasn’t gotten to you yet. Tax-debt – resolution mills – These outfits charge you money under the pretense that they can get you an offer in compromise to settle your tax Letter 2645C. Odd that they received these letters, and it took a long time to contact the phone number the IRS suggested -- unavailable a dozen times regardless of what time the call was placed.

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