Honda prelude unequal length headers. They lose power and increase turbo lag. About Honda Prelude Exhaust Headers. May 22, 2007. An unequal length manifold on the GC will have a couple inches difference on tube length to the collector, not the 1. Basically the choices are shorty (unequal length), equal length shorty, and full length. Hurricane Headers - Honda PRELUDE 1. Buy Tomei Unequal Length Exhaust Manifold 2002-2014 WRX / 2004-2021 STI / 2005-2009 LGT / 2005-2008 FXT, a Exhaust Headers And Manifolds by Tomei, for only $890. Unequal Length Headers are, by design, less efficient than equal length headers. Outside that range they will cost power over an unequal length set. Oh gotcha, UEL is Unequal Length Header, it’s where one or two of the header tubes are made longer than the rest for that Subaru type rumble. Same goes for the mugen header. $525. But if you look at the dyno sheets and spool of the. -Become the future Honda/Acura certified technician-. 1; 2; Next. ago Gimme a BB6 or a TL PCE® Exhaust Header 2 $101. Fits: 97-01 honda / prelude 2. wrxs have that popular drone when they upgrade the exhaust and one thing ive learned is its due to unequal length headers. Next are the headers, and you do have some choices here. ’”. The Pervert Lever. Taxachusetts. 2l l4 dohc naturally aspirated h22a4. 625". Compression ratio: 9. Out of stock. 8L Manual: Y Auto: Y AirCon: Y Power Steering: Y Cylinders: 4 CYL Primaries: 38MM Secondaries: 44MM Outlet: 51MM Important InformationImage might not reflect actual exhaust system. I have seen it many times and my buddy is repairing his from this very same problem. Equal length headers allow the pulses to arrive at the turbo in a sequential and even . 77 Patriot Exhaust® Exhaust Collector Gasket 0 $3. 10 SPA Turbo® Exhaust Header 0 $203. build times vary, please allow 4-6 weeks for completion. Worked for him. Japanese people weren’t fooled though; they nicknamed it 「スケべレバー」, aka the ‘Pervert Lever. On my merc racing performance build thread there are recent dyno videos but it is hard to separate header/ exhaust noise from supercharger whine. Unique 4-1 velocity joint to optimise maximum exhaust efficiency. 61: Honda Prelude Si DC Sports 4-2-1 Ceramic Header, Two Piece (1992-1996) Part Number: HHC5008 Year: (1992-1996) Note: Si Manufacturer: DC Sports: $307. Tomei Unequal Length Headers for 2004-2007 STI & 2006-2007. question probly sounds stupid lol but i just wanna hear first hand some reviews on sound . 625 inch tubes (1. Honda Prelude SI VTEC Greddy Stainless Steel Headers (1992-1996) Part Number: 10551020 Year: (1992-1996) Note: SI VTEC Manufacturer: Greddy: $461. 1997 Honda Prelude. Item ID 5452 Model(s) 2004-2007 STI & 2006-2007 STI. Click to expand. Narrow Down Your Honda Prelude Year. i can assume brands like x-force would be more towards unequal lengths while brands like dc-sports would be the opposite. glyphicons-arrow-down. Only show this user. New New New. they make them but i just cant find any. 75 and 2 inch available for race engines). Add to Wish List Add to Compare. . Everything I have read about turbo exhaust says equal length is the way to go. Honda Civic EX 01-05 1. Blow Off Valves. Best Overall: Dorman Tomei Expreme Unequal Length Exhaust Manifold . (16 Reviews) From $381. The primaries are 1. The difference between unequals and equal length headers are on the equal length ones, each tube is exactly the same length, thats why it looks like a huge mess of tubing, but it gives you a little more power over the unequals, on a stock motor you probably won't notcie a difference between the two, but on an engine thats been modified somewhat . 50. Created by professionals to meet your requirements Superior longevity and dependability. Dyno proven 4-6hp gains. 625 and collect into 2. * But in thinking how the subie design is, It fires on opposite sides which results in the exhaust traveling in pipes like so; long short long short. Technically the stock manifolds on the e46 non-Ms are unequal length. 821 Posts. You could also have 2 cylinders meeting the collecter like they do with the stock manifold and take the other 2 and run them all the way back to the cat and make a custom flange there. 2000 Honda Prelude. 15 Megan Racing® Exhaust Header 0 $60. Find Honda Prelude Headers on sale here with the largest selection of Honda Prelude Headers anywhere online. example; 1 short 2 long 3 short 4 long. So I recently discovered unequal length headers for Honda engines and they sound cool (like a WRX) but the cylinder grouping is 1&2 joining at about an inch with 3&4 joining similarly close but doing a literal loop before the final Y. This Honda CRV's UEL header paired with a custom exhaust makes some pretty cool and uniq. tomei unequal length exhaust manifold subaru brz 2013-2015 / toyota 86 2012-present . 70 Hedman Hedders® Block Hugger Mild Steel Black MAXX Satin Black Ceramic-Metallic Racing Exhaust Headers (88433) 0 $489. On subarus, the unequal length headers give the characteristic "boxer rumble" (which actually has nothing to do with being a boxer engine). Yes a quick google search and found that the EJ25 boxer engines firing order is 1-3-2-4 where else B-series fires at 1-3-4-2. But either way you will have person A making 700hp from engine D with equal length headers and person B making 700hp with engine D with unequal length headers. 1052) 0. It is similar to the H23A. Advertisement. An unequal length manifold on the GC isn't going to have the massive difference in tube length like on the stock WRX/STI and therefore won't have the same effect on the sound, if any effect at all. Quick View. Something like 1000 rpm. 0 mm. Check out the performance parts available for your Honda Prelude: Air Intake Filters. RMF/SMSP/Hytech/SSR all make the best H22's headers, they range from 850 to 1000+ dollars and usually have a long wait to get one. Steel Ceramic Coated Long Tube Exhaust Headers by PCE®. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 26 Posts. The mk5 1997 Honda Prelude also used this engine in first years of manufacture sold as Si only in Japan. It has both upstream and downstream O2 sensor ports and the EGR as well. 5th Gen. Prelude Forums. Valve Configuration: SOHC, 16 valves. This engine was used in the mk4 1992–1996 Honda Prelude Si in Japan. Check to Compare. im just wondering if any of u exhaust experts who have 1st hand experience can tell me what brands have the most untuned/unequal length headers and which brands would be the most equal. Sold. 1,203. 1998 Honda Prelude. 1 of 2 . This results in an uneven distribution of exhaust pulses reaching the turbo. 96ett. 2001 Honda Prelude. #10 · Nov 7, 2007. Air Suspension. Save. 50 DC Sports Headers. It looks like it was also referred to . HONDA R18 UNEQUAL LENGTH HEADER. This header is for the honda civic with the R18 motor. 99. 1) You need a MASSIVE difference in runner length. Add to Cart. So with unequal length header and a 1-3-2-4 firing order gets you a WRX engine sound. Iirc it's the ridiculously long cylinder 4 that gives it that sound. Every bend adds length to the primaries. This Honda sounds like a Subaru thanks to its unequal length header. 50 jay-car-sil. 8 LTR This system is suited to fit Honda Prelude 1. I won't go into detail, but it has a very large deal to do with scavenging and cylinder exhaust pulse. 25. i'm looking specifically for uel headers for the Subaru kinda . Buy on Amazon. AU $317. Free Shipping. but long story short i need headers for my na d-series eg hatch. . Nov 28, 2009. kps unequal Length PERFORMANCE MANIFOLOD headers suit WRX and STI EJ20 25 TURBO. Jump to the catalog for a given year Headers category. Looking for uel (unequal length) headers for my d-series motor hi everyone, if this isn't the right place to look then please tell me other subs that would be a help to me. With our simple-to-use vehicle selector it's simple to find custom-crafted Prelude headers. 1978-2001 ; honda s-mx . You are going to have to loop the long runners around a couple times, and have them collect right off the head where the short runners are. Displacement: 2156 cc. Unequal length headers, like the factory ones, have different length runners from the two sides of the block. If you have the money to purchase these headers, then you might want to look into buying a custom header which i will talk about now. 00. 7L SOHC D17A2 Stainless UEL Header. 85 . sort by . Collector Outlet Diameter: 3". The tighter the bend or the more degrees it turns the longer the pipe appears to the exhaust gases. The bends are 304 stainless and are mandrel bent. In reality, you lose horsepower because of how the headers release the exhaust. 1. On a honda civic a guy just took the header and welded in *a loop on the runners for 2 cylinders. Primary Tubing Diameter: 1. 80 - $529. Specifications. 35 Just so you understand this before you waste your time and energy, your Honda isn't going to sound like a Subaru if you put an unequal length header on it. Which leads me to believe that having 1-3 and 2-4 (our firing order) together and at different lengths would get you closer. 5 ft or so difference on the . 36. It is a side effect of the efficiency difference between the two units. another down side to unequal length headers they come very close to the frame section by the struts towers and burn off the paint and rust out that area. headers . In some cases, they are required for Subarus and other "boxer" (horizontally opposed) 4 cylinders due to packaging space requirements. Obx Full Length Header For 1997-2001 Honda Prelude . Also, when looking at equal length headers, you can't just measure the lengths. 1999 Honda Prelude. 3:1 T1R Response Header – Honda CRZ 11+ (ZF1) Designed for L15A engine for low to mid speed power and torque. In regards to engine performance, the parts you can get for your engine range from something basic like a cold air intake to a more complex system such as a turbo kit or super charger kit. 33 - $375. 00 at Subimods. Buy Honda Prelude exhaust headers confidently with Auto Accessories Garage. Just for fun: Unequal length headers on an I4 because noise. 0 × 95. If you really want it, you'd have to custom make it because literally nobody makes unequal length headers for any car except for the stock subaru headers or aftermarket brs/Frs headers to get the boxer rumble. 05 - $6. would this work? any help is appreciated. #5. # mpn4750708353. Made with SUS304 aircraft stainless with TIG weld process, extreme high quality. jay-car-sil. com! Exhaust Manifold M-4061 For Honda Prelude 1992-1996 V-Tec. You also get to choose between 1. $292. 90 - $907. PCE® Steel Ceramic Coated Long Tube Exhaust Headers (PCE316. un-equal length header. just curious if anyone knows about these, i want to modify aftermarket headers to unequal lengths so i achieve this sound. 3 level 2 Op · 6 yr. Bore × Stroke: 85. honda prelude . But that's the only upside. $363. Honda-Civic-EX-01-05-D17A1-Stainless-UEL-Header-D17. 5 inch and 1.

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